Quadratic Solver


Overview: Computes the roots of a quadratic equation.


Entry into Module:


This module of the program is entered by clicking on the REC-TEC block in the upper left of the REC-TEC Window causing the drop-down menu to appear. Place the cursor and click on Quadratic Solver to initiate this module.


Solves for all roots of a Quadratic Equation in the form:


A * X^2 + B * X + C = 0 where A <> 0 (zero)


Data Entry:


This module contains the following Selection buttons blocks within the leftmost frame:


             A = (Textbox) Enter value for A

             B = (Textbox) Enter value for B

             C = (Textbox) Enter value for C


Output Computes the Real and Imaginary Roots of the Quadratic.




             N This button toggles a graphical number pad on the screen that can be used to enter data into the input boxes without using your keyboard number pad. This may be useful for presentations as data entry can be accomplished using a wired/wireless mouse.