Triangle Solver


Overview: Computes detailed information on a Triangle defined by three sides or side/angle information.


Entry into Module:


This module of the program is entered by clicking on the REC-TEC block in the upper left of the REC-TEC Window causing the drop-down menu to appear. Place the cursor and click on Triangle Solver to initiate this module.


Data Entry:


This module contains the following Input blocks within the leftmost frame:


Triangle Solver Input (3 of 6)


             Angle a Angle opposite Side A

             Angle b Angle opposite Side B

             Angle c Angle opposite Side C


             Side A Side opposite Angle a

             Side B Side opposite Angle b

             Side C Side opposite Angle c


Any combination permitted except 3 angles






             Triangle Height

             Perimeter (A+B+C)

             Area (.5*Base*Height)

             C1 (Pt. H to Pt. 1)

             C2 (Pt. H to Pt. 2)


             Inscribed Radius

             Circumscribed Radius


             Centroid (X)

             Centroid (Y)




             Angle a Deg:, Sin:, Cos:, Tan:, Rad:

             Angle b Deg:, Sin:, Cos:, Tan:, Rad:

             Angle c Deg:, Sin:, Cos:, Tan:, Rad:


             Angle C1 Deg:, Sin:, Cos:, Tan:, Rad:

             Angle C2 Deg:, Sin:, Cos:, Tan:, Rad:

             Angle abc Deg:, Sin:, Cos:, Tan:, Rad:


Graphic Toggles to show:

             Generic Triangle with Descriptions

             Scale Diagram with Centroid


Triangle Base can be changed from Side A to Side B to Side C using Buttons




             Open .TRI File Calls up a Dialog box, which Opens any pre-existing .TRI file and displays the output results.


             Save .TRI File Calls up a Dialog box, which Saves data on the screen to files with any user-selectable filenames. This is independent of the automatic saving as LastFile.TRI of the data at the close of this module or the close of the program.


             N This button toggles a graphical number pad on the screen that can be used to enter data into the input boxes without using your keyboard number pad. This may be useful for presentations as data entry can be accomplished using a wired/wireless mouse.