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Common Errors and Frequently Asked Questions

Common Errors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I cut and paste in REC-TEC.  

You can.  Any of the input boxes should automatically highlight when selected.  With the data highlighted, press [CTRL][C] to copy or right click on the mouse and select Copy and then go to the input box where the data is to be pasted and press [CTRL][V] to paste the data or right click on the mouse and select Paste

During the Download/unzip process, the process stopped and the following message appeared:

Error "...not a valid Win32 application" occurs when you open a downloaded file

Answer:  99.9% of the time this error is a result of a dial-up connection corrupting the file.  When the download takes a VERY long time, the file gets corrupted and is not recognized as a Win32 application.  If you have dial-up, go to a computer with broadband to download, save and copy the file to a USB drive.

This can also happen if your computer is infected with a virus but AVG, McAfee or Norton anti-virus programs should solve this problem.

I was prompted to download the latest version of Rec-Tec.   During the unzip process, the process stopped before the unzip was complete and the following message appeared:

Canít create output file:  c:\Program Files\RECTEC\RECTEC.EXE

You have a copy of the REC-TEC  program running on the machine.   If you do not see the program and it is not minimized, you will have to restart the computer or use Task Manager to stop the hidden program prior to unzipping the file. 

Why won't REC-TEC work in some "non U.S." countries?

REC-TEC requires a "period" or "dot" for the decimal symbol.  Go to Control Panel then to Regional Settings (Regional and Language Options) and Select the Numbers Tab.

If your system is configured to use the "European" decimal number notation using a comma "," as decimal delimiter and period "." as thousands separator as in 123,456,789.00, NEC4WIN and NEC4WIN95 will have a problem making the distinction between a comma used as decimal notation and as a list separator.  

In addition if you type "," as a decimal separator, numbers entered that way will be truncated and the decimal dropped.  All data will be corrupted and you may have all sorts of errors when calculating data or trying to display graphics or animation.

To solve that problem, change the number representation to the English or US style by going to Regional Settings and change:

Decimal symbol from ',' to '.'

Digit grouping symbol from '.' to ','

this will change the Appearance Sample to  123,456,789.00

Note:   In some countries (Germany, etc..) you must change the decimal point in the Number setup and ALSO in the Currency setup. This is a Microsoft problem. 

You don't have to change keyboard or country. See picture below for more details...  



My licensed copy cannot find the RECTECMM.CFG file and makes me set it every time.

Something has corrupted the C:\Program Files\RECTEC folder.  Copy the Sentinel.exe file to a floppy or other location and then DELETE the C:\Program Files\RECTEC folder.  Go to the website ( REC-TEC Upgrades ) and download the Trial Copy and unzip it.  Place the Sentinel file back into the C:\Program Files\RECTEC folder.  This should fix the problem.

After downloading and unzipping the Trial copy of the program how do I start it when I can't even find it?

Once REC-TEC is installed, you may place a REC-TEC ICON on your desktop. Go to My Computer and select the proper drive. Select Program Files and open the RECTEC (or Drive3) folder. Right click on RECTEC.exe (RECTEC with the red icon if common extensions are not shown) and then left click on Copy. Move the cursor to the Desktop. Right click on the Desktop and left click on Paste ShortcutDO NOT CLICK ON PASTE - YOU MUST CLICK ON "PASTE SHORTCUT" OR THE PROGRAM WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY!  The program may now be run by clicking on the icon.

We now have a program that will automatically start when REC-TEC unzips that will place an Shortcut Icon on your desktop.  

When I go to look at the Formula for a section of the program I get an "Error 53 - File not found" message and the program terminates.

This is due to an incorrect path entered for the Word Processor in the Setup file for the program.  Go to Setup>REC-TEC to set in the correct path for your word processor or type in "write.exe."

I never get notified of upgrades any more.  What is the deal?

It is impossible to keep up with the changes in email addresses.  Upgrade notification is by internet only.  If you are connected at the time you start the program, it will try to connect with the website and check for upgrades.  

When I click on Help - About REC-TEC  I sometimes get a message that says Ping Failed.  Is there a problem with my program?

REC-TEC tries to communicate with the REC-TEC website every time it is started.  It is trying to see if there is a newer upgrade posted. Ping Failed means that this communication was unsuccessful for some reason.

What is the Platinum Option and why do I need it?

REC-TEC Platinum is an extra cost option that permits access to the enhanced version of REC-TECClick here to compare program features

Why can't I run the program under Windows 95?

Windows 95 (besides being a very old operating system) has an unresolved flaw in it which prevents information transfer from the licensing program.  It will run fine as an Evaluation Copy, it just can't be licensed.

When the license file is installed should I notice a difference in the program?

Yes, the opening screen will no longer have the blurb about an Evaluation Copy and your License name will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Why can't I see the whole program on the screen?

Your screen resolution must be set to 800x600 (minimum) and should be set to High Color in order to operate the program correctly.

I still can't see the whole program on the screen.  Now what?

If you do not see the date and time, you must set your Start Panel to "AutoHide."  Right click on a blank spot on the Start Panel.  Select Properties.  Put a check in the AutoHide box.  Click on Apply, then OK.  When you want to use the Start Panel, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.

I have installed the licensing file (Sentinel.exe) but the program still says it is an Evaluation copy.  What is wrong?

Several things could be wrong:

After installing the Sentinel File I get an Error Message and a Timer Failure error.  Did I do something wrong?

Probably not.  If you just got the Timer Failure error, just try again.  Your computer failed to meet the minimum timing standard because of other programs or a disk delay.  It should start the second time.

If you received both messages, your copy of Sentinel.exe may be bad.  Run Sentinel.exe and copy down the ZXZ number.  Now, rename Sentinel.exe to Sentinel.bak and run RECTEC.  Go to "Help" on the Main Menu Bar of REC-TEC.  Click on License Application.  Do not fill out the information, just Click on the green block that says Create Order Form.  Look at the ZXZ number.  Disregard the letter, the numbers ought to be the same as the numbers from Sentinel.  If they are not, the Sentinel file is bad.  Contact us for a new file.  If the numbers are the same, rename Sentinel.bak to Sentinel.exe and try to run REC-TEC again.  If it fails to work, give us a call.

I get a message saying my program is expired and to download an upgrade. What do I do?

Use the Upgrade feature on the Main Menu bar to download a later version of the program as the one you are using is out-dated.  Current versions of the program will continue to function but you will not have the new features.

What is the deal on the Terminal Date?

If you have a single computer installation, you will need a new Sentinel file about once a year.  If you see "Lifetime" your Sentinel file will remain active unless we need to re-issue them to everyone for some reason.

What do I do if my Sentinel file is expired?

Delete the old Sentinel file (keep the copy on the USB drive or Desktop in case it was not expired) and fill out a new License Application Form and send it to us as per the instructions on the form.  We will send you a new Sentinel file.

I can't find the License Application Form anywhere, now what?

Delete the old Sentinel file (keep the copy on the USB drive or Desktop in case it was not expired) and the program will automatically start as an Evaluation copy and you can get to the license application form that way.  You can also go to Help on the Main Menu of REC-TEC and click on License Application.

I have other computers, can I install the program on them also?

It now depends on your license.  If you have a Single installation license, it can only be installed on one computer. If you have a Standard license you may install the program on all computers that you own.  If your Sentinel file (or the program when you click on your name) does not say Unrestricted/Unlimited then you will need to get a new Sentinel file that will permit unlimited installations.  Fill out and send in the License Application Form.

My other computers are not connected to the internet, How can I install the program on them?

You have several options:

My department is not connected to the Internet, how can I get the program or upgrades?

The program upgrades can be downloaded using another computer that is connected to the internet.  Go to http://www.rec-tec.com/rtproVE.html  and download the particular file needed and place it on a USB drive.  Run the file on the target computer to upgrade the program.

Have a question not covered here?  Click below and send us an email.



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