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The easiest way is to just hit the Print button in REC-TEC and print the page in either "Portrait" or "Landscape" mode.

Below you will find the Help screen for printing from REC-TEC.  The process is easy and flexible to suit your needs.  The Capture feature within the program or [Ctrl][Prt Scr] will capture the image of the screen.  This image can be "pasted" directly into a word processor or it may be pasted into paint and modified before being selected, copied and pasted into the word processor.

Use the drop down menu by clicking on the REC-TEC button (upper left of the screen) and select the basic type of problem.  If Time/Distance is selected you have several choices.  For the example here we will use a Single Surface Deceleration problem,  By clicking on this selection a Deceleration Single Surface form is called up.

Data may be entered into the blank form or one of the saved problems can be called up using the "Open .TDD file" button in the lower right of the screen. 

If entering data into the blank form the program will try to assist as to what information is needed.  Once the program has sufficient information to develop a solution it will be displayed usually to the right of the entry inputs. The TDD (Time Distance Deceleration) form can display additional information if a Lateral Distance is entered. 

As you will soon see, REC-TEC treats your computer as a computer by determining as much (solution) information as possible for the data entered.  Most other software programs require the user to pick a formula and then their program treats your computer as a (very expensive) calculator.  REC-TEC takes the information that you have and develops a solution and in may sections will display the formulae employed in arriving at a solution (Click on the Formulae* button).

Many of the features in REC-TEC are on the cutting edge of accident reconstruction and some may be far beyond that covered in basic Accident Investigation, Accident Reconstruction and Commercial Vehicle classes.  Please see the Classes section for additional training opportunities.

Inside REC-TEC is a comprehensive Manual/Tutorial/Workbook available from this website.  It contains detailed explanations of the inputs and outputs of every module in the program along with worked sample problems to assist the user in getting familiar with the module.  It uses several problems in each section to illustrate the functionality of each module. Inside REC-TEC is as close as you can get to having an instructor available at the touch of the F5 key from the program.  Inside REC-TEC can also be called up independently from our homepage, even with a smartphone.

REC-TEC also has a built in Manual accessible using the F1 key in any section of the program.  Please check out the On-line Articles which were designed to let you get the most out of our software.

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